Welcome, AP Lang Gang.

Just to be clear, I will check nothing on here until July 5th. Then the fun begins.

 In the coming school year we’re going to be reading lots of short nonfiction (essays, biographies, memoirs, etc.). We’re going to get that started this summer. Each week I’ll post some composition that I want you to read/view/listen to/respond to. These will be a mix of modes and genres from a variety of time periods, but overall your goal is to think about the purpose of each piece and how it accomplishes that purpose.


  • Starting on July 5th there will be a text or set of texts posted for each of the remaining weeks of summer.
  • Each week, read that week’s text(s) and respond in the comments on each week’s page using the Q-C-Q format:
    • Quotation – pull direct evidence (a quote or a specific feature) from the work.
      • If it is a text work, you can just cut and paste.
      • If it is visual, pull specific visual rhetoric terms if you can.
      • If it is an audio text, you can refer to content OR to particular sounds you hear.
    • Comment – write a brief comment about the evidence you chose. This should be between 2-5 sentences on something you found interesting about that evidence. You can comment on what the evidence says, means, or demonstrates about the use of language and/or communication. How does this evidence create meaning?
    • Question – Ask a broad question about the text. The question should not have a simple, “yes / no,” answer. Ask the kind of question you think a teacher would ask to help open up discussion about the text.
  • You can skip up to 3 weeks. No more.
  • Feel free to comment on the comments of your classmates.
  • Your comments are not due at any particular time, but I humbly ask that you not wait until the week before school starts to do all of these at once. That will make both your and my lives miserable.

If I don’t see any commenting from you by July 19, I will be reconsidering your placement in AP English. 

QUESTIONS?? Send em to me at Danah.Hashem@lca.edu